300+ câu hỏi hack não kèm đán án mới nhất 2023 để kiểm tra IQ của bạn

Bạn đang xem: 300+ câu hỏi hack não kèm đán án mới nhất 2022 để kiểm tra IQ của bạn tại TRƯỜNG THCS TT PHÚ XUYÊN

Brain hacking questions, brain-damaging quizzes so you can challenge your own and your friends’ IQ in fun, healthy and brain-training activities while still having fun.

Brain hacking questions with answers

Brain hacking questions with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)

When 1 + 1 = 1?

  • When 1 egg + 1 sperm = 1 child

When 3+4 = 1?

  • When 3 days + 4 days = 1 week

What always comes but never comes today?

  • Tomorrow

When is 5 + 7 = 1?

  • When 5 months + 7 months = 1 year

When is 36 + 24 = 1?

  • When 36 minutes + 24 minutes = 1 hour

How does 8 + 8 = 4 be?

  • Is 8 o’clock + 8 o’clock = 4pm (16h)

Find a number less than 100 whose value is increased by 1/5 the result is its reverse.

  • 45 (1/5 of 45 = 9, 9 + 45 = 54)

When is 0>2 and 2>5 but 5>0?

  • When playing rock-paper-scissors

Two things you never get to eat for breakfast?

  • Lunch and dinner

What lives if it is fed, and will die if you give it water?

  • The fire, lives when coal and firewood are added, dies when water is poured on it

Brain hacking questions with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)Brain hacking questions with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)

A girl fell off the bridge 50 steps but was not injured. Why?

  • She fell on the last step

If you had only one match and walked into a dark room containing an oil lamp, some wood, and a newspaper, which would you light first?

  • Light the match first

How can a bare-headed man walk in the rain without getting his hair wet?

  • He is bald

I was tall at first, but the longer I stood, the shorter I became. Who I am?

  • A candle

Some months have 31 days, others have 30 days, but how many months have 28 days?

  • All 12 months have 28

Thanks to me, you can see straight through the wall. Who I am?

  • Window

What do you call a woman who always knows where her husband is?

  • A widow (she always knows where her husband is buried)

What do you sit, sleep and brush with?

  • Chair, bed and toothbrush

Imagine you are in a sealed room flooded with water. How do you get out?

  • Stop imagining

What goes up and down erratically, but always stays in the same position?

  • Elevator

Which word in the dictionary is always misspelled?

  • Wrong word”

She’s as light as a feather, but even the strongest man can’t hold her for more than five minutes.

  • You are the breath, no one can hold the breath for more than 5 minutes (if you don’t want to suffocate)

Can you name three days in a row without using words like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday?

  • Yesterday, today and tomorrow

What belongs to you but is used by others more than you?

  • Your name

I have teeth but can’t chew. Who I am?

  • A comb

What is present, has legs but cannot walk?

  • The table, the chair

What can travel the world when stuck in one place?

  • Stamp

Where is the sea without water?

  • Sea on the map

What has a neck but no head?

  • Bottle

A truck driver was traveling in the opposite direction and passed at least 10 policemen. Why was he not arrested?

  • Since he is not driving, he is walking on the sidewalk

What can copy your looks but not your voice?

  • A mirror

How can you walk on water?

  • Waiting for the water to freeze

Two men play 7 games of chess. Each person won 4 games, ask why?

  • Because they play with 2 different people.

Billie was born on December 28, but her birthday always falls in the summer. Ask why?

  • Billie lives in the Southern Hemisphere

I break into your house every year but never get caught. Who I am?

  • Santa Claus.

Born from the ocean and white as snow, but when I return to the ocean I will disappear. Who I am?

  • Sea salt

What has 13 hearts, but no body or soul?

  • A deck of cards

What never asked but always forced you to answer

  • A phone

What has a city but no houses, a forest but no trees, a sea without fish?

  • Map

There are 3 exits from the maze. Exit A leads to a hell. Exit B leads to an assassin. Exit C leads to a lion that’s been hungry for 3 years. Which exit do you choose?

  • Choose exit C because if a lion doesn’t eat for 3 years, it will surely starve to death.

What do you throw away when you want to use it but bring back when you don’t use it anymore?

  • Anchor

Which letter comes after in the following sequence? DRMFSLT_?

  • D – each letter represents a note in the scale: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do

I have many different shapes and sizes. I have a curved part and a straight part. You can put me anywhere you like, but there’s only one right place for me.

  • One piece

Brain hacking questions with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)Brain hacking question with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)

What watch has thousands of movements per hour?

  • Hourglass with thousands of grains of sand

Its creators don’t need it, its buyers don’t use it, and its users don’t know what it is.

  • A coffin

What runs around the backyard but never moves?

  • Fence

If you peel my skin, it’s you who cry, not me

  • Onion

Which tire does not move when the car turns right?

  • Spare tire

An old man died on his 25th birthday, ask why?

  • He was born on February 29th (4 years only have a February 29th, so at that time the old man was 100 years old)

Where does today come before yesterday?

  • In the dictionary, the word “today” comes before the word “yesterday”.

What can you hold with your left hand but not with your right?

  • Your right hand

A boy is walking down the street with a doctor. While the boy is the doctor’s son, the doctor is not the boy’s father. So who is the doctor?

  • The doctor is the boy’s mother

Brain hacking question with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)Brain hacking question with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)

I have no wings, but I can fly. I have no eyes, but I will cry! Who I am?

  • A cloud

I have no life, but I can die. Who I am?

  • Battery

I go everywhere, cities, towns and villages, but never move, what am I?

  • Road

What loses its head in the morning, but regains it at night?

  • Pillow

When do you get in one hole and come out two holes at the same time?

  • When you wear pants

Which hand do you use to wipe your butt after going to the bathroom?

  • Use toilet paper, not your hands

A woman has two sons. They were born at the same time, same day, same month, same year. However, they are not twins. Ask why?

  • Because they are 3rd (or 4th) brothers

How to distinguish Adam and Eve in the heavens of billions of people?

  • Adam and Eve have no navel because they were not born from their mothers

A terrible accident with more than 20 cars crashing into each other, some cars were overturned, some were thrown a few meters away, but no one was injured, ask why?

  • Because those are children’s toy cars

A man was found lying dead in an empty field. Beside him was an unopened package. Ask why he died?

  • He parachuted out of the plane but the parachute failed to open. The main package was his broken parachute.

Why is a woman living in Europe not buried in Canada?

  • Because she’s alive

What has many eyes but cannot see?

  • Pineapple

A glass full of water, how to get water from the bottom of the glass without pouring water out?

  • Use a straw

Where are 30 men and 2 women fighting?

  • On the chessboard

Which beverage contains iron and calcium?

  • Coffee (Calcium = Ca; Iron = Fe)

When is 5:3 = 2?

  • When miscalculated

You go from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, what do you see?

  • Feel tired

What do you eat without chewing or swallowing?

  • Take a punch

What flower never has a male?

  • Miss

Which country has an animal name?

  • Bird’s nest water

What books have no paper, no words?

  • Of beef

What’s the biggest butt?

  • Mongolia

What tree can call?

  • Guitar

What sea has no water but has fish?

  • No fishing sign

Brain hacking question with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)Brain hacking question with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)

What is cut does not break, does not separate, does not dry, does not burn

  • Water

What fruit always sleeps?

  • Apricots

What tree burns longer

  • Bamboo (the more nodes, the longer)

Which foot is the biggest?

  • Horizon

What is the biggest carpet in the world?

  • Vegetation

What water is edible but not drinkable?

  • Move

What tree has the name of a bird?

  • Flute

What is money to take your lover out called?

  • Silver Love

Brain hacking question “what child?”

What is as big as an elephant but as light as a feather?

  • Shadow of the elephant

What slams live, if you don’t beat, you die?

  • Heart

Brain hacking question with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)Brain hacking question with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)

What is the head of a snail?

  • Slopes

Which animal drinks the most water?

  • River

Zoo fire, what animal ran out first?

  • Human

What animal has wheels on its head?

  • Computer mouse

What animal has words on its face?

  • Stamp

What animal has a nose without eyes, has a tongue without a mouth, has a spine, but cannot walk?

  • Knife

What animal has a lot of nests but never gives birth?

  • Road (many potholes)

What has just been born noisy?

  • Mule

What animal weighs exactly 10kg?

  • Bird’s nest (swallow = 10kg)

What animal never falls?

  • Tumbler

What child was born without morality?

  • Donkey

What is born fat?

  • Shark

What animal’s name is hard, but the body is soft?

  • Snake

What is the bravest one?

  • Ephemera

Folk brain hacking questions

Long body with many coats wrapped around, toothpick teeth lined up side by side

  • Roasted corn

When I was a child, I had 2 horns, in the middle of my life, my face was as beautiful as a flower. Beyond 20 years old and old, over 30 grow 2 horns?

  • Moon

The tubers are round with many branches, wearing a silver coat around the body. Stir-fried vegetables with it, the aroma is far and near

  • Garlic

Walk and stand, stop and fall, what is it?

  • Bicycle

Who’s happy I’m happy with, whoever’s sad, I’m sad with whom, what is it?

  • Mirror

Small as the wrist, lying right at the Buddha’s table. After worshiping and then taking off your shirt, what is the fruit?

  • Banana

With a jackfruit seed, the ass is hairy, on the day of his death, it is slaughtered

  • Shallots

I rolled my eyes small, the tray of rice was ready for me to sit on, what is it?

  • Table cage

Brain hacking question with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)Brain hacking question with the latest sentence 2022. (Photo: Internet)

What’s wrong with his face, he has two ears with a hat on his head. I can stand fire very well, cook deliciously, anyone can use it?

  • Cooking pot

Eat first and eat leftovers, two hard lunches a day

  • Dishes

Let it lie still and thin. Every time he licks his ass, he runs around

  • Stamp

Put it in and then pull it out, If you’re not at the door, you’ll put it back in when you’re not at home

  • Key

Stay in the house by the cage, go out in the alley by the nia

  • Parasol

With a plate, poked into the pond, three mais nine hoes but couldn’t dig up

  • Moon shadow

English brain hacking questions

English quiz: I’m odd. Drop a letter and I’m flat. What number am I?

  • Seven, take away the ‘s’ and it becomes even – even

English Quiz: Which word becomes longer after you add two letters to it?

  • Long (Long) – Longer (Longer)

What do you find in the middle of America?

  • The letter “R” is in the middle of AMERICA

What are the next three letters in the following sequence? J, F, M, A, M, J, J, A, __, __, __

  • S, O, N. The sequence is the first letter of the months of the year. September, October, and November are the next in the series.

What vitamins do you need to go to the beach?

  • Vitamin C (read like sea)

What lights make a sound?

  • Star lights, why “star” sounds like “sound” is sound

What will you actually find at the end of each rainbow?

  • The letter ‘W’ in “RAINBOW”

Why did Mickey Mouse become an astronaut?

  • He wants to visit Pluto (the dog’s name is homophonous to the planet Pluto – Pluto).

What meat is expensive in the Underworld?

  • Hell meat

What is the moon king called?

  • Moon King

What is the heart of an ant called?

  • Ant mind

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